Casting Lessons
Tennessee  Flyfishing  Adventures
3313 Timberlake Drive  Knoxville, TN 37920
Smoky Mountain Gillies is a
member of the Hyde Drift Boat
Fly Casting Lessons
First Hour                                $50
Each Additional Hour                $25
Have you ever wondered why people are
standing in a river waving a stick?  Have you
every wanted to try your hand at casting a fly
Fly casting is not that hard.  While we can't
guarantee that you will look like Brad Pitt in
River Runs Through It
, most people can
develop a functional cast in as little as an
hour or two.
All of our guides have many years of experience teaching the fundamentals of fly casting.
Many of our clients are first-time casters and we understand that each person responds to different
coaching techniques.  

You will learn the Overhead Cast, Roll Cast, Sidearm and Backhanded Casts, and how to shoot
line.  When your lesson is over you will know drills to practice casting on your own and how to
diagnose simple casting problems.  

Casting lessons may be held in or outside of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  If you live
in the Knoxville area, we can hold the lesson in your own backyard or a nearby public park.  All
equipment is provided for your lesson.

All of us at Smoky Mountain Gillies are passionate about fly-fishing and would love to show you
what it is all about.
Our Experienced Guides can
teach you how to cast a fly
rod in as little as an hour
techniques (double haul or
Spey Casting) as well